OMEGA Electronic Ignitions in North America

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This is a crankshaft driven ignition. Nice price and so far the response has been only postitive. Very well made parts and is supplied complete with all you need. As you can see from the pictures, the system is simple and ignition works perfectly regardless of timing chain wear. The sensor and processor unit, booster unit and the rotor should take a few minutes to install. The electrical connection is only a single wire swap. The whole system fits under the front engine cover. Fit the rotor with the bolt provided, adjust with the special pin tool until the red LED lights, tighten the bolt and you are done. The original ignition system is left in place and in case of failure of the Omega System, just switch one wire and you ride on using the conventional ignition. Norwegian,Swedish and Danish customers can order directly by e-mail from

Succé med Omega av Sven Kurin

Schematics courtesy of Sven Kurin of Sweden