R90S Startup Video
The startup of the R90S after the rebuild
[Download MPG File]

Full Kontroll
This PDF file is in Norwegian
Download PDF File]

Some crazy Norwegian burning in the sitting room
[Download WMV File]

The video
[Download MPG File]

Stopping On One Wheel
This guy tries to stop on one wheel
[Download MPEG File]

Front Wheel failure
The front wheel drops off a moving bike
[Download MPEG File]

Wheelie Wobble
Some people never learn.
[Download MPG File]

High Speed Wobble
Watch this race bike wobble and crash.
[Download MPG File]

Dual Plug Ignitions
All you need to know about dual plugging.
[Download PDF File]

AVI of a 1973 R75/5 Racer
R75/5. Hans Otto Butenuth rode this bike in the 1973 TT.
[Download AVI File]

The Krauser 4-valve Head Manual
Some of you might remember these heads by Krauser
[Download Zip File]

The /5 Parts Catalogue.
[Download Zip File]

Dellorto Tuning Guide.
[Download files]

Dellorto Manual.
[Download file]

BMW R series Screensaver. 4.7 MB
The BMW R series Screensaver is a Windows screensaver with over 70 years of Bavarian Motorcycle historie. [Download file]

Helmet Test
I think this short movie clip is from a road safety campaign in Portugal.
[Download file]

1974 BMW Catalogue
In pdf format. This has the R90S, R90/6, R75/6 and the R60/6 in colour.
[Download file]

R90S Cutaway Poster 1
Cutaway Poster in a more reddish tone.
[Download file]

R90S Cutaway Poster 2
Daytona Orange.
[Download file]

R90S Article
Classic Bike Article.
[Download file]

R90S Racing
Classic Bike Article about the racing R90S. See one upside down doing a 100 mph!
[Download file]

Download BMW Parts List for R50-R100
This German PDF file contains very good exploded drawings and diagrams of the different BMW models.  A good supplement to the ETK CD Rom.
[Download file]

Silver Smoke Formula
Download in PDF. This formula seems to be for the original for the 70s Glasurit base. I have enquired with a local Glasurit dealer and they have the equivalent modern bases needed to mix it. Some of us would think its black but it is not. The smoke is a shade mixed from Gold Ochre, Helio Blue, Blue, White, Blue Green and Metal Flop! 
[Download file]


Here is a collection of wiring diagrams for different Boxers for download. I found these on the net and my apologies if I have stepped on some toes.

R1150GS [Download]

R65 [Download]

1970 - 1972 R50/5 - R75/5 (without fuses) [Download]

Late 1972 - 1973 R50/5 - R75/5 (with fuses) [Download]

1974 R60/6 - R90S [Download]

1975 - 1976 R60/6 - R90S [Download]

1977 R60/7 - R100S [Download]

1977 R100RS [Download]

1978 R80/7 - R100S [Download]

1978 R100RS [Download]

1979 - 1980 R80/7, R100T, R100S [Download]

1979 - 1980 R100RS, R100RT [Download]

Diagram KEYS HERE [Download]